Katrina Charles


Katrina has an established defence and prosecution practice. She regularly appears as lead counsel prosecuting multi-handed complex fraud trials. She has extensive experience in the conduct of trials involving serious crime which include novel and complex points of law and fact.

She is specialised counsel with respect to graffiti cases as she has an understanding of the intricacies involved in unravelling the sub culture which is prevalent.

Notable cases

R -v- I et al, 2019

Leading junior prosecuting 9 defendants charged with fraud concerning the high street store Boots. Croydon Crown Court.

R -v- H et al, 2018

Leading junior prosecuting a multi-handed commercial insurance fraud considered to be the largest insurance fraud investigated by City of London police. It has led to conferences and seminars being held so that the insurance companies can gain an understanding of the methods deployed to defraud and alter their internal criteria. Inner London Crown Court.

R -v- L, 2018

The widely reported case concerning a defendant charged with two counts of sending an article conveying false information contrary to the Malicious Communications Act. The defendant had written a book ‘Behind the Artichokes’ which she published privately and sent to members of her sisters’ community. The jury were invited to read the book in the privacy of their room and The Times reported that Observers said that the most recent case they could recall in which a jury had been told to read an entire book was the obscenity trial of Penguin Books over Lady Chatterley’s Lover by DH Lawrence in 1960.

R v R et al, 2017

Leading junior prosecuting a multi-handed ‘crash for cash’ insurance fraud. Factually and legally complex involving two solicitors’ firms and attracting an interest by the SRA. The main defendant absconded during examination in chief and ‘new’ bank accounts were discovered attributed to one of the defendant’s (a doctor) during the trial.

Inner London Crown Court.

R v L, January 2015 – May 2016. Confiscation November 2017

Leading junior prosecuting a multi-handed conspiracy to steal involving high value motor vehicles and PII. This was one of four trials as a result of a large scale operation involving officers from the National Crime Squad. Having attended the locations where the cars were stored to examine them with the assistance of the vehicle examination expert for the purposes of satisfying an audit trail as part of the PII consideration Katrina can assert that ‘what she doesn’t know about cars isn’t worth knowing’.

Two of the defendants Franckevicius and Baraka’s appealed their convictions, the full court heard the application and ruled the convictions safe. The judgement handed down by LJ Hallett makes for an interesting read. Snaresbrook Crown Court, CoA June 2017.

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Other activities and interests

  • Juggling and sometimes keeping the balls in the air


  • Cybercrime
  • Fraud


  • Fluent Greek
  • Conversational French and German
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Law LLB (hons)


Criminal Bar Association

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CPS Panel (Grade 3) and Rape Panel

Fraud Panel (Grade 2)

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