Seminars and training

9 Bedford Row hosts an annual lecture series, notification of which will appear here.

The notes for many of the recent events below are available from

  • Social Media – How it can affect your case? Bail: Tricks & Traps, October 2014
  • Evolution of Sexual Offences/Dealing and Handling of Vulnerable Witnesses/Sexual Offences Prevention Orders, November 2014
  • Kenyatta and the ICC: A Case Study in Flawed Outcomes, January 2015
  • Mental Health: The conditional Discharge of Restricted Patients, February 2015
  • Cyber Crime, March 2015
  • Recent Developments in Road Traffic Law in the Crown Court, April 2015
  • Expert Evidence: Making the Most of Expert Evidence, May 2015
  • Confiscation & the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 – Recent Developments, June 2015
  • The Disclosure of Digital Evidence: Getting it Right, July 2015
  • Victims of Trafficking: what legal practitioners should know, September 2015
  • Next Year’s Cases Now//Cell Site Analysis, November 2015
  • Keep the Faith: How a Graffiti Magazine Challenged the Law, December 2015
  • The Modern Law of Statutory Hearsay and the Remains of the Common Law Exceptions, December 2015
  • How Tribunals Decide: Applications of Cognitive Psychology to Advocacy, February 2016
  • R v Jogee and Joint Enterprise – an assessment of the Supreme Court decision and its effect in practice, March 2016
  • An Introduction to Military Law, April 2016
  • Police Station Interviews - A Potential Hot Potato, April 2016
  • Cyber Security in the Legal Sector – ICO Compliance and Good Practice, May 2016
  • A/507/9770 Understanding Investigative Interviewing, October 2016
  • Bribery and corruption – a brief introduction to a global crime and How to protect your business, March 2017
  • The Value of Recording Fact-finding (Forensic) Interviews, May 2017
  • Section 28 Implementation and its Compliance, June 2017
  • Sexual Offences, February 2018
  • Confiscation, March 2018
  • GDPR, April 2018
  • Modern Day Slavery Act 2015, May 2018

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