9 Bedford Row is particularly proud of its pupillage programme and is rightly known for being “extremely nurturing of its junior members”. A Pupil Advocacy Training Programme is provided throughout all stages of pupillage with a curriculum of mock advocacy exercises and topic seminars on all areas of criminal practice. Pupils also benefit from 9 Bedford Row’s monthly legal practitioner seminar programme that provides topical lectures from members and distinguished outside experts. Pupils spend three months with each supervisor in their first six months and six months with each supervisor once they are on their feet, to ensure they have as rounded a training as possible and are exposed to the full breadth of Chambers’ practice.

Chambers takes seriously its commitment to only offer pupillages with a genuine view to tenancy.

Chambers will be offering three 18-month pupillages starting in October 2022 with an award of £36,000 made up of a monthly stipend in the first six months, followed by guaranteed earnings for the 12 months pupils will be on their feet. Once on their feet, pupils will be kept very busy with Chambers’ diverse and growing practice and can expect to be in court every day with a wide variety of work, regularly earning in excess of the minimum guaranteed earnings threshold. During their first six pupils will be reimbursed for occasional travel outside of the South Eastern and London Circuits. Chambers also will cover the cost of any mandatory training undertaken during pupillage.

Pupillages will be spent with practitioners specialising in English criminal law. Pupillages will not involve work with our international criminal law team but may involve short periods working as part of Chambers’ extradition practice.

Applications are welcomed from dynamic individuals with a passion for advocacy and the law and respect for the traditions of the bar. We are looking for outstanding candidates able to combine legal acumen, good judgment and persuasive advocacy with the determination needed to take advantage of the opportunities offered at our successful and growing set.

Despite the disruption that Coronavirus has caused to pupils getting on their feet this year, 9 Bedford Row has taken steps to ensure that our pupils are able to continue developing their advocacy skills through additional chambers advocacy sessions. Please follow the link here to read more from our pupils.

Pupillage Application Procedure

Chambers is no longer part of the Pupillage Gateway Scheme and applications for pupillages should be made directly to Chambers. However, the timetable for applications is the same as the Pupillage Gateway Scheme.

Chambers accepted applications from 04 January 2021. The deadline for applications was 08 February 2021. Now this window has closed, we expect to be in touch with all applicants by the 9th of April 2021. All interviews will be via Microsoft Teams with first round interviews on either the 24th or 25th of April 2021, and the final round interviews will be in the evenings of the 4th and 5th of May 2021. Offers will be made on the 7th of May in accordance with the timetable established by the Bar Council.

If you have applied for a pupillage commencing 2022 in the window of 4th January 2021 – 8th of February 2021, you should have received an email acknowledging receipt of your application. If you have not received such confirmation, please urgently make contact with us via pupillage@9bedfordrow.co.uk

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic and the exceptional circumstances we are all in, the first and second round interviews have been conducted remotely this year. It is not usually Chamber’s policy to conduct any remote pupillage interviews but we did not want to delay the process for candidates who had applied this year. It is hoped that the time table next year, once confirmed, will include dates for interviews in accordance with Chamber’s usual procedure.

Applications must sent to pupillage@9bedfordrow.co.uk consisting of only the following materials:

(a) Curriculum Vitae of no more than two pages in Times New Roman font size 12 and normal spacing containing inter alia the applicant’s current mobile telephone number and contact email address for the application;

(b) Covering letter of no more than 600 words evidencing their experiences and successes, and answering within it the following questions:

  1. Which skills and talents that are necessary for a criminal barrister do you possess?
  2. In light of changing times at the criminal bar, how do you intend to establish yourself as a successful business?
  3. Why have you decided to apply to 9 Bedford Row in particular

(c) Completed equality and diversity monitoring form, available here.

Please provide the CV, covering letter and Monitoring form as pdf files entitled according to the following format “[Applicant’s surname], [Applicant’s first name] 9 Bedford Row Application 2022 [insert as appropriate CV/Covering Letter/Monitoring Form]”

Written applications will be independently considered by two members of Chambers appointed at random and marked on the following six part standard marking criteria: intelligence; talent for oral and written advocacy; interpersonal skills; business acumen; integrity and trust worthiness; and, commitment to the criminal bar and determination. Applications with significant divergent marks will be independently re-marked by a third member of Chambers, also appointed at random.

We welcome applications from applicants from all backgrounds and are proud to draw our members from a diverse range of backgrounds. We are committed to equality and diversity throughout our practices and all our recruitment processes. Members of Chambers and those directly involved in recruitment decisions are regularly in receipt of both specialist equality and diversity training and fair recruitment training.

3rd Six Pupillages

In addition, Chambers accepts direct applications from suitably qualified candidates for third six pupillages. Please email pupillage@9bedfordrow.co.uk with your CV and a short covering letter explaining the nature of the application and answering within it the following two questions:

1. In light of changing times at the criminal bar, how do you intend to establish yourself as a successful business?

2. Why have you decided to apply to 9 Bedford Row in particular?


The 9 Bedford Row mini-pupillage programme is currently under review. Once the programme is resumed all relevant details will be published on this page.

Please do not submit applications as they cannot currently be considered.


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