9 Bedford Row is particularly proud of its pupillage programme and is rightly known for being “extremely nurturing of its junior members”. A Pupil Advocacy Training Programme is provided throughout all stages of pupillage with a curriculum of mock advocacy exercises and topic seminars on all areas of criminal practice mentored by Chambers’ senior members. Pupils also benefit from 9 Bedford Row’s monthly legal practitioner seminar programme that provides topical lectures from members and distinguished outside experts. Pupils spend three months in their first six with each supervisor, to ensure they have as rounded a training as possible and are exposed to the full breadth of Chambers’ practice.

Chambers takes seriously its commitment to only offer pupillages with a genuine view to tenancy.

As in previous years, Chambers will be offering three 18-month pupillages starting in September 2020 with an award of £36,000 made up of a monthly stipend in the first six months, followed by guaranteed earnings for the 12 months pupils will be on their feet. Once on their feet, pupils will be kept very busy with Chambers’ diverse and growing practice and can expect to be in court every day with a wide variety of work, regularly earning well in excess of the minimum guaranteed earnings threshold. During their first six pupils can expect to be reimbursed for occasional travel outside of the South Eastern and London Circuits. Chambers also will cover the cost of any mandatory training undertaken during pupillage.

Pupillages will be spent with practitioners specialising in English criminal law. Pupillages will not involve work with our international criminal law team.

Applications are welcomed from dynamic individuals with a passion for advocacy, the law and respect for the traditions of the bar. We are looking for outstanding candidates able to combine legal acumen, good judgment and persuasive advocacy with the determination needed to take advantage of the opportunities offered at our successful and growing set.

Pupillage Application Procedure

Chambers is no longer part of the Pupillage Gateway Scheme and applications for pupillages should be made directly to Chambers.
Applicants were invited to submit their applications to pupillage@9bedfordrow.co.uk between 7 December 2018 and 5 pm on Friday 11 January 2019, consisting of only the following materials:

(a) A Curriculum Vitae for the applicant of no more than two pages in Times New Roman font size 12 and normal spacing containing inter alia the applicant’s current mobile telephone number and contact email address for the application;

(b) A covering letter of no more than 600 words evidencing their experiences and successes, and answering the following questions:

  1. which skills and talents that are necessary for a criminal barrister do you possess?
  2. In light of changing times at the Criminal Bar, how do you intend to establish yourself as a successful business?
  3. Why have you decided to apply to 9 Bedford Row in particular

(c) Completed equality and diversity monitoring form, available here.
Please provide the CV, covering letter and Monitoring form as pdf files entitled according to the following format “[Applicant’s surname], [Applicant’s first name] 9 Bedford Row Application 2019 [insert as appropriate CV/Covering Letter/Monitoring Form]”
Written applications will be independently considered by two members of Chambers and marked on the following five part standard marking criteria: intelligence; talent for oral and written advocacy; interpersonal skills; business acumen; and, determination. Applications with significant divergent marks will be independently re-marked by a third member of Chambers.

Chambers are currently considering the applications submitted within the above window, and hope to respond to all applicants by the 1st of March 2019.
Applicants who are successful will be invited for first round interviews in Chambers during the day of Saturday 9 March 2019, followed by a second-round interview in Chambers on the evenings of 20 and 21 March 2019. Applicants should ensure they are available to attend interviews in person on these dates.
Please note that we will only consider applicants who will be in a position to take on a full-length pupillage in 2020, following successful completion of the BPTC.
Applications not strictly complying with these conditions will not be considered.
Please notify us of any special requirements you may have in relation to any stage of the application procedure as soon as possible, and in any event, prior to the specific deadline for that stage. We will endeavour to make appropriate arrangements for all candidates.

3rd Six Pupillages

In addition, Chambers accepts direct applications from suitably qualified candidates for third six pupillages. Please email pupillage@9bedfordrow.co.uk with your CV and a short covering letter explaining the nature of the application.


Those looking to gain an insight into the criminal bar and Chambers are invited to apply for a mini-pupillage.

Mini-pupillages last one week and involve shadowing Members of Chambers at a domestic criminal court (e.g. the Crown Court or a magistrates’ court) or a regulatory tribunal.

We accept applications each quarter:

Summer: by midnight on 31 March for 1 May to 31 July.
Autumn: by midnight on 30 June for 1 August to 31 October.
Winter: by midnight on 30 September for  1 November to 31 January.
Spring: by midnight on 31 December for 1 February to 30 April.

No applications will be considered outside these windows.

To apply, please send a CV (maximum two pages) and a short covering letter (maximum one page) to minipupillage@9bedfordrow.co.uk

The covering letter should explain your interest in becoming a barrister and the criminal law. Please state your availability for the quarter for which you are applying.

Each application will be considered by a Member of Chambers.

Successful candidates will be notified as follows:

Summer: 15 April.
Autumn: 15 July.
Winter: 15 October.
Spring: 15 January.

We regret that due to the volume of applications received were are unable to provide individual feedback.

9 Bedford Row does NOT assess mini-pupillages. Nor is a mini-pupillage a pre-requisite to apply for pupillage.

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