9 Bedford Row counsel specialise in all aspects of criminal law.

Our barristers are in cases that are the most notorious and high profile such as murder to the lesser offences of road traffic. This is a range of courts from the Crown Court and Apellate Courts to the Magistrates Court.

All our clients are important to us and our members strive to provide a service that results in the best possible outcome. For these reasons we are renowned for our advocacy skills as well as our strategic planning of cases.

See also our pages on our financial crime and corporate law and our international law section. These clients bring the most complex cases to 9 Bedford Row as they know our counsel have the expertise and ability to deliver.

How we work

No matter what the area of law, we aim to uphold our reputation for active case management and teamwork. Whether prosecuting or defending, we believe it’s vital to prepare case plans early and monitor progress closely.

We draw not only on our eight QCs and 48 junior barristers – but on a network of other experts and specialists in the UK and overseas, allowing us to offer solutions to seemingly intractable legal issues.

We encourage clients to come straight to us under the “direct access” rules, which mean it’s no longer necessary to approach us via a solicitor.

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Serious Crime

We defend and prosecute cases of the utmost seriousness in the Central Criminal Court and courts across the country. These include trials involving conspiracy to murder; kidnapping; the importation and supply of drugs; and trafficking for profit and sexual exploitation.

In serious crimes, we focus particularly on active case management and team leadership. When prosecuting, we provide a full case preparation service, aiming for a robust, efficient and effective trial. Defending, we can advise solicitors on case preparation and management at an early stage – on occasion before charge.

We have direct access to leading experts in forensics – in areas such as DNA, blood spattering, fingerprints, fibres, handwriting, ballistics, voice and facial analysis, and mobile telephony. Forensic accountants are available for cases of fraud and financial crime.

Where clients are in custody, we can ensure they have regular conferences, either in person or via our video link – through which we can connect to all the country’s prisons directly from 9 Bedford Row.

Sexual offences

We have a dedicated team who specialise in serious sexual offences, along with related offences such as child cruelty, internet offences and child abduction. Our expertise covers matters such as applications under section 41 of the Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act 1999; bad character applications; historic allegations; and abuse of process.

Our team is skilled in building rapport with children and other vulnerable people – who may be either witnesses or defendants – both during case preparation and trial.

We have access to experts in areas such as DNA analysis, interpretation of medical findings, and psychological or psychiatric factors – and we have the knowledge to question such experts in court.

Many of our practitioners are Grade 4 prosecutors and on the specialist rape list. All of us are committed to both prosecuting and defending such cases – considering it essential to maintain our knowledge and standards in either sphere.

Some of our members are authorised as recorders to try serious sexual offences.


At 9 Bedford Row, we have defended in many of the most significant, high-profile terrorism cases to be tried in this country. These cases have included conspiracy to murder, bombing campaigns, conspiracy to produce poison, recruiting teams of suicide bombers, and the funding of proscribed terror groups.

These cases have involved both substantive charges under the Terrorism Acts as well as common law conspiracies to murder.

When preparing such cases for trial, we deploy a ‘team approach’: we work closely with both solicitors and experts in areas such as explosives and ballistics, and hold regular conferences with clients.


At 9 Bedford Row, we pride ourselves on the quality of our representation and advice in all areas of military law. Many of our team members have service experience – which helps give us unparalleled strength in this area.

We have experience of serious, high-profile cases such as the defence of a soldier accused of murdering an Iraqi civilian; the defence of a soldier accused of manslaughter after a tragic accident involving a tethered balloon; accusations of excessive use of force during peacekeeping duties in Northern Ireland; and the prosecution of the first allegation of rape of a servicewoman at sea by a senior officer.

We defend and prosecute before courts martial in the UK and abroad (for example, Germany and Cyprus); appear in the Courts Martial Appeal Court; represent service personnel before UK civilian courts; and can also help with judicial review proceedings in the High Court.

Road traffic

At 9 Bedford Row, we advise and represent clients on a huge range of driving-related cases, from cases involving death and injury to less serious matters – often working with individual clients under the “direct access” rules.

This means that if you’ve been charged with a driving offence, or have received notice of a prosecution, you can come straight to us – avoiding the need to pay both a solicitor or a barrister – and we’ll work with you on a fixed-fee basis to get the best result we can.

You may be worried, for example, about losing points on your licence, losing your licence, or going to prison. If you come to us, one of our barristers can advise you, for example, on whether it might be worth defending your case – or admitting it and receiving credit for that admission.

If you’d like us to represent you at court, this would also be on a fixed-fee basis – and if you’re found not guilty, we’ll work to get a court order that pays back much of your fees.



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Financial Crime

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Prison Law

Road traffic

Sexual offences



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An ambitious criminal set, 9 Bedford Row has great strength in depth, the perfect blend of youth and experience, and broad criminal and military law expertise.

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