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John is a civil and criminal barrister. A highly regarded negotiator, he now focuses mainly on his civil practice – which is expanding into contract negotiations.

Background and Expertise

John is a highly regarded negotiator who has achieved outstanding deals for his clients in both the criminal and civil spheres.

His background is in criminal defence work. Over the years, he has handled many high-profile and high-value cases, often as a leading junior. He is highly skilled as a jury advocate and has won remarkable acquittals.

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He is one of a very small number of advocates who has taken a case through the entire court system in England, then through the European court structure – culminating in a hearing before 22 judges in the Grand Chamber of the ECHR.

John has the ability to listen and absorb information quickly. He always maintains a sense of calm, even in the most stressful situations – and gives confidence to his professional and lay clients.

Notable cases

R v N, 2017

A large scale money laundering case in which 6 defendants stood trial. The allegation was  the money fraudulently obtained from vulnerable victims in the USA was laundered through a complex web of company bank accounts in the UK.  The defendant was acquitted by the jury. Central Criminal Court

R v IA, 2015–16
Successful appeal to the ECHR of one of the most complex terrorism defence cases of the last ten years, the 21/7 London bomb plot. The Grand Chamber of the ECHR found there had been a breach of Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights. John acted with Anne Faul as his junior throughout.
R v C, 2016
John defended a high-profile allegation concerning the misuse of computers. Non-custodial sentence, following a plea on a limited basis. Lewes Crown Court.

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R v B, 2015
Defending in multi-handed international fraud case, involving recycling of mobile phones by acquiring cloned packaging from China and distributing them to a number of African countries. The case required detailed cross- examination of mobile telephone experts. A submission of ‘no case to answer’ was successful at the close of the Crown’s case. Inner London Crown Court.
R v A, 2015
Inner London Crown Court. Defending in complex VAT fraud case involving the creation and manipulation of a number of companies. Following protracted negotiations with the Crown, the defendant entered a plea on a very limited basis and received a non-custodial sentence. Inner London Crown Court.

Criminal defence

R v S, 2014
A large-scale, sophisticated, nationwide fraud case involving the use of legitimately registered companies to defraud corporations involved in waste disposal. The case began as a conspiracy to defraud. A plea to a substantive offence of fraudulent trading was successfully negotiated – this resulted in a suspended sentence. Bristol Crown Court.
R v H, 2013
‘Cash for crash’ case transferred from Doncaster Crown Court to the Old Bailey because of seriousness and prevalence. Following legal argument and negotiation, the Crown were persuaded to offer no evidence against the defendant following a guilty plea from his co-defendant. Heard at Central Criminal Court.

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R v D, 2013
The defendant was charged with conspiracy to commit a number of robberies including one at gunpoint. The Crown refused to accept a plea to the least serious robbery, which was offered on the basis that the others would be dropped. Following a trial, he was acquitted of the more serious offences and convicted on the offence originally offered. Heard at Worcester Crown Court.
R v D, 2013
Conspiracy to supply cannabis on a commercial basis. An extremely attractive basis of plea was offered by the Crown at the beginning of the trial and rejected with a degree of hesitation. No evidence was offered during the trial when six co-defendants pleaded guilty. Heard at Northampton Crown Court.

Civil cases

P v S and Q Ltd, 2012
Represented the defendants in a derivative action where fraud was alleged. Following lengthy negotiations a resolution was found which was more than acceptable to the defendants. High Court Chancery Division. (Direct access case.)
F v S, 2011–14
Represented the defendant in a property dispute following the break-up of a long relationship. Successfully obtained a significant sum for the defendant. (Direct access case.) Dartford County Court.

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D v Archdiocese of Westminster, 2014
Instructed by Carters solicitors to represent the Archdiocese of Westminster to resist an application under the provisions of the 1998 Data Protection Act. Case ongoing.
L v Minister of Transport, 2012
Challenge at the High Court to the validity of certain types of speed cameras that would, potentially, overturn hundreds of thousands of speeding convictions.

Other Activities and Interests

  • John takes in an interest is the political, legal and economic consequences of Brexit – and is a member of the Great Repeal Bill Observatory – a group established by Dr Dimitrios Giannoulopoulos, to act as a channel of communication with Europe in the course of Brexit negotiations
  • He also plays golf: he is a member of Gray’s Inn Golfing Society and The Bar Golfing Society
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