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Ignatius Hughes is specialist crime and regulatory practitioner.

Ignatius’s practice has covered a spectrum of the most serious and complex cases whilst in silk: multi-handed murders; rape; drugs and firearm conspiracies and fraud. He has longstanding experience of Courts Martial in the UK and abroad. He also practises from Albion Chambers, Bristol.

Ignatius’ down-to-earth attitude and fearless and purposeful advocacy, underpinned by his excellent judgement, precision of thought and tactical subtlety, win favour with clients and juries.

Background and expertise

Ignatius has particular expertise in the issues which arise in missing body murders, and cases of non-accidental head injury (the ‘baby shaking’ Triad). He is recognised for his mastery of the complex medical evidence involved in the latter, and a corresponding ability to cross examine experts to devastating effect. As a result, Ignatius has also been retained as a leading counsel in Family Division cases involving these issues.

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Notable cases

R v Stephens, 2013

Two-handed cut-throat ‘shaken baby syndrome’ death. Highly complex neurosurgical/neuropathological evidence in relation to causation and timing of injury, centred around delayed hypoxic-ischaemic injury triggered other than by intracranial pressure. Defendant of extremely low IQ, intermediary throughout trial, issues of fitness for trial continuing within trial.

R v Taylor, 2013

‘Missing body murder’ involving disappeared wife of undertaker defendant. Much turned on expert evidence re. distribution/causation of blood stains on the marital bed.

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