Zacharias Miah


Background and Expertise

Zacharias is a leading international and UK criminal lawyer. He is regularly instructed by high profile clients around the world and has been instructed in the UK in many of the leading cases involving criminal law and commercial fraud. He is known for having an incredible eye for detail, superb technical ability and litigation instinct. He is fearless however he is approachable with excellent interpersonal skills to bring the best out of his clients.

He is authorised to conduct litigation in relation to all areas of practice and direct access authorised.

He started practice at the bar as a commercial and criminal/ civil intellectual property lawyer and in his early years practised in both civil and criminal law. Zacharias has developed a specialist area which sits at the junction of criminal law and commercial fraud. Having been in practice for over 25 years, he has acquired great experience in many areas of law and is now taking on national and international fraud/ bribery cases with multi-disciplinary teams. He has a wealth of experience in advising clients particularly in the early stages and in crisis, setting out their options and guiding their responses, whilst also making the preparations necessary for future litigation.

Recent instructions include representing Vincent Tchenguiz in both the criminal SFO proceedings and in the commercial actions against the SFO for misfeasance and damages. Instructions included the commercial fraud actions arising in the complex commercial fraud case of Vincent Tchenguiz and Rawlinson & Hunter in claims in the BVI and London against Grant Thornton (UK) and Kaupthing Bank (Iceland) for damages amounting to £2.2bn; acting on behalf of a family in relation to a worldwide £800m fraud against their trust; allegations against international clients of insider dealing and market manipulation in France; allegations of fraud/corruption by an international property company in a European investigation of £1.6bn; actions for misconduct by trustees; commercial actions for libor and banking fraud; blackmail, bribery and corruption.

He works closely with global company heads and international family offices providing strategic solutions to complex litigation and leading multi-disciplinary and multi-jurisdictional teams. Directing and deploying effective strategies to deal with complex situations and cases.

International Fraud and Corruption

Vincent Tchenguiz and SFO. 2011

Advised on SFO allegations and Kaupthing Bank Iceland.

Vincent Tchenguiz v SFO 2013

Represented and advised on misfeasance in public office v SFO officers. Settled.

Vincent Tchenguiz v Kaupthing Bank and Grant Thornton. 2019

Advised in claims in the BVI and London against Grant Thornton (UK) and Kaupthing bank (Iceland)

Perry v LOPAG, 2017

Embezzlement and fraud involving a Liechtenstein trust of high value with litigation in Cayman Islands, US, Israel, Switzerland, UK, Liechtenstein. See Mark Hollingsworth , Independent, Thursday 8 March 2018 Liechtenstein: The mysterious tax heaven that's losing the trust of the super-rich.

Top Zinc Ltd v Hilton Hotels, Alix Partners et al, 2018

A portfolio of Hilton hotels bought by Vincent Tchenguiz, leased back to Hilton and eventually put into administration upon default of a loan scheme hedged by Bayerische Landesbank in circumstances where the value of assets were believed to be undersold. Story here

Perry v Lexinta Group, 2018

A Ponzi scheme fraud by a Swiss registered company using the Hong Kong branch of the Singapore based bank DBS.


Multi jurisdictional case of corruption in the global oil industry. Representing Ahsani family and UNAOIL in US, UK and elsewhere. See here and here for full story

Commercial / criminal pleadings

Libor/ Swaps claims v banks – settled 2014/2015. Review of USA cases involving above claims

Notable Cases

Cyber Fraud, 2019

Large scale cyber fraud investigation and purchase of hacked and stolen cards in secret websites through access points on the internet pending

Operation Hallet, 2019

Application to recuse trial judge who conducted major drugs trial involving large scale supply of drugs across Wales and North West. Application to recuse Trial Judge involving second Trial involving money laundering charges- Judge made significant findings in drugs trial – Judge recused himself after filing of legal submissions and case law.

Operation Keysela and Operation Khamsin, 2019

Multi-handed money laundering trial involving cyber fraud and hacking of high profile victim and layering of funds through complex web of companies.

R v Jafar Ali, 2019

19 Year old Bangladeshi student kills man after one punch during a verbal racist assault towards the student by man in 50’s who unknown to the Defendant was suffering symptoms of stroke. Exposed a series of unrelated events not related to the D that resulted in a tragic event.

Operation 6950/14, 2018

The Defendant was charged with conspiracy to handle motor vehicles in the West Midlands area valued in excess of £1m. The evidence in the case covers 3 years of investigation and over 25,000 pages of documents and electronic evidence. The Defendant was regarded as an expert in radio frequency and using special electronic techniques. Exposed prosecution experts knowledge in RF and systems operating in wider car market comparing new and old electronic and computer systems. The Defendant was found not guilty of all counts by unanimous jury acquittal.

Read more Notable Cases

Reported Cases

Metals Fraud, February 2012

West Midlands £50m metals fraud involving an international metals business exporting worldwide and Scandinavian countries

R v Joshim Ahmed, 2012 EWCA

Court of Appeal found “Scrappy conduct by Judge” - duty of a Judge when referring to a Defendant’s police interview.

R v Mohammed Sharif 2010 EWCA 1709

Quashing of a 1999 conviction on fresh evidence inherent genetic and brain damage expert evidence. Exposed failures in imaging and scanning capabilities and reporting by experts whereas new expert evidence and techniques demonstrated the changes in the brain abnormality (CT/MRI) confirmed inherent brain abnormalities.

The Queen on the Application of Ahmed v HM Coroner South East Cumbria 2009 EWHC 1653

Judicial Review, procedure, disclosure, verdict statement of Coroner over turned.

R. v Iqbal (Nadeem) [2005] EWCA Crim 1368

Maximum sentence and reduction of sentence for early guilty plea.

L v Tower Hamlets LBC [2001] Fam. 313; [2001] 2 W.L.R. 909; [2000] 3 All E.R. 346; [2000] 1 F.L.R. 825

Duty of professional care of Government Services.

Gosain v Gosain 2001 All ER (CA) 116

Ancillary relief disclosure.

Re S (CA) [1998] 1 WLR 1701; [1998] 2 F.L.R. 921

Jurisdiction Arguments India (Court of Appeal)

Rafiq v Chief Constable of Manchester 1995 malicious attack, extensive forensic enquiry, duty of care. (Manchester High Court).

Disclosure ordered of all police officers uniforms for forensic investigation resulted in identifying key suspects and claim for damages.

Re Youngs 1995

Microsoft Hacking. Advised on one of first reported major hacking cases in the UK and advised on prosecution. Technical evidence and trial of alleged hacker. Hacker convicted. St Albans Crown Court.

Re M CA (1994) The Times; [1995] 1 F.L.R. 546; [1995] 2 F.C.R. 435 (Child appeal).


  • Extensive technical knowledge involving “new tech” investigations, cyber and IT related matters. Copyright and IP fraud related matters.
  • Use and preparation of  intelligence /analytical charts presentation for the jury in complex case
  • Cross border litigation with European and USA Law firms
  • Whistle blowing cases involving complex fraud and global finance
  • Extensive knowledge in forensic investigations – Inquests (previously Shafilea Ahmed. Face of Asia, death in prison, ambulance service failures and disclosure from medical institutions)
  • Researching law relating to artificial intelligence and data sets in cancer and radiology.
  • Stem cell treatment UK and US law
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Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.), Intellectual Property Law

Masters Law International Law copyright and trademarks awarded with Merit

Forensic Medicine & Science 1st Winner Baron Ver Hayden De Lancey prize

Duke of Edinburgh entrance scholarship to the Bar

Pegasus International Scholarship

Inner Temple, Foreign Office Commonwealth Trust, House of Lords 1990, Clifford Chance

Master of the Bench Award Inner Temple

Inner Temple

Scholarships 1990,1991 1992 advanced scientific /medical training as a Barrister

Scholarship Inner Temple


The Criminal Bar Association

The Commercial Fraud Lawyers Association

Human Rights Lawyers Association

International Bar Association

International Council of Jurists

The Society of Asian Lawyers

European Criminal Bar Association/European Fraud and Compliance Lawyers

European Fraud Lawyers Association

Private Prosecution Association


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