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Stephen has led for the defence in cases of serious fraud, revenue offences (appearing in some of the largest and longest running excise duty frauds), murder (gangland and domestic) , corporate manslaughter, the large scale supply of class A and B drugs, major armed robberies, and most aspects of serious crime (terrorism, money laundering, asset confiscation, human trafficking, serious violence, blackmail, arson and rape). Stephen has a reputation with solicitors for being "client friendly", a "great court tactician", and for leaving "no stone unturned".

Background and expertise

He is frequently instructed in cases that have come about as a result of referrals by previous lay clients. He has an enviable acquittal rate and is able to assimilate large quantities of material quickly and get to the real issues as they will play out in court. He has substantial experience in dealing with forensic experts in many fields including accountants, pathologists, psychiatrists, podiatrists, firearms, DNA, fibre, blood splatter, mobile telephone and cell site, facial mapping and voice recognition. Stephen provides advice and representation in wide-ranging appellate matters in cases where he was not instructed at first instance.

Notable cases

R v JP

Leading Counsel for the principal defendant in a contract killing relating to the Brinks Mat case. The case involved complex expert evidence and required extensive cross examination of, inter alia, FBI ballistics experts, firearm residue experts, DNA experts, fibre and dye expert, and a podiatrist. (Acquitted).

Central Criminal Court.

R v MH and others, (The “China Bonds” case)

Leading Counsel for Miss H , the principal defendant who, with others (in a 6 month trial)was alleged to have attempted to obtain $2 billion from the British banking system by attempting to obtain lines of credit with the use of forged US Treasury bonds. The defence was that the bonds had been supplied by the US to Chiang Kai -shek and had been deliberately printed “off register” so that they could later be denied as fakes. (The prosecution offered no evidence after the first jury was hung).

Southwark Crown Court

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Fraud and money laundering

R v E and others fraud. Attracted Nationwide publicity (Acquitted).

Winchester Crown Court.

R v SM and others

Conspiracy to organise sham marriages. Attracted Nationwide publicity. (Acquitted on appeal).

Leicester Crown Court.

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R v CT

Leading Counsel for the defendant who was accused of murdering her alcoholic husband. Two leading pathologists accepted that their conclusions as to cause and time of death were wrong. (Acquitted).

Central Criminal Court.

R v G and another

Leading Counsel for Miss G accused of murdering a London cab driver. Involved expert evidence relating to obsessive compulsive personality disorder. (Acquitted).

Central Criminal Court.

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R v AS and others

Represented the employee of a firm of solicitors in large scale conspiracy to supply Class A and B drugs. 3 month trial. (Acquitted).

Sheffield Crown Court.

R v AD

High profile Iranian businessman charged with opium importation. (Acquitted).

Isleworth Crown Court.

R v MT

The case involved a year long investigation and surveillance operation in the Caribbean and South America and the importation by boat of over half a ton of cocaine. The defence during the six month trial involved allegations of political corruption in Antigua at the highest level.

Snaresbrook Crown Court.

Armed robbery

R v B and others

Leading Counsel for one of the principal Defendants in a case that attracted nationwide media attention involving murder and armed robberies throughout the Bedfordshire area. (Acquitted).

Central Criminal Court.

R v AJ and others

Leading Counsel for one of the principal defendants alleged to have been part of a team of committing cash in transit robberies over the South of England. Media attention as 2 of the team were shot and killed by the police during one of the robberies.

Kingston Crown Court.

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R v MF

Leading Counsel for F who had pleaded guilty to human trafficking offences. F had assets of £55 million which were being sought by the prosecution. Extremely complex case factually and legally involving the calling of a number of forensic accountants and tax experts. (Confiscation order made in the sum of £1 million).

Oxford Crown Court.

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Sheffield University LLB (HONS 2.1)

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