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Peter’s practice spans both the prosecution and defence of very serious offences. A large part of his practice involves courts martial, and he is a recognised expert in firearms law.

Background and Expertise

Peter specialises in military law, food crime, licensing, inquests, and regulatory law, especially rural and agricultural matters.

A large part of his practice involves defending military personnel at courts martial in the UK and abroad.

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He has been involved in most of the more serious and high-profile courts martial of recent years – including cases of murder, manslaughter, rape, serious sexual assault, other violence and dishonesty, as well as cases arising from alleged ill-treatment of enemy combatants, non-combatants and subordinates on operations.

He has also been a Royal Naval pupil supervisor for several years.

Peter has a specialist knowledge of, and expertise in, firearms and firearms legislation – and is frequently instructed for the appellant in firearms licensing matters throughout England and Wales. He is regularly involved in criminal cases that involve the use of firearms.

He has experience of inquests with a jury and is licensed to receive instruction directly from members of the public.

He is a CPS Grade 4 prosecutor.

Notable cases

R v T, 2017
Leading in the successful defence of a senior British officer accused of the rape of a US officer in Africa. The case was the first court martial to be heard on both sides of the Atlantic. This complex investigation involved the FBI, Royal Military Police and other law enforcement agencies; evidence was taken from almost every continent.
R v F, 2017
Prosecuting in an attempted murder case arising out a parking dispute – involving complex medical and psychiatric issues, and exceptionally serious injuries. Kingston Crown Court.

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LACS v L and others, 2015
The “Lamerton Hunt” case: a very high-profile private prosecution under the Hunting Act at Newton Abbot Magistrates’ Court. Following cross-examination of the prosecution expert over his undisclosed links with witnesses in the case, the prosecution offered no further evidence. See Times story.
R v J Ltd, 2016
A prosecution arising out of the operation of an abattoir. Successful submission at the start of the case challenging the jurisdiction of the court to try the case. Very substantial costs award against the Crown.
R v D, 2015
Taunton Crown Court. Prosecution following victim’s right to review. The defendant had a collision, mounted, with a hunt saboteur who was badly hurt. He said that he had neither seen her nor deliberately ridden into her. The prosecution expert agreed. The CPS refused to prosecute but after a high-profile media campaign changed their mind and abandoned their expert, who the defence then called. Defendant was acquitted. See Telegraph article.
Re: B
Prosecution at Bulford Court Martial of a very senior RAF officer alleged to have assaulted two very junior officers the night that he took command. A conviction would have been catastrophic – career ending – for this officer. Serious evidential difficulties to overcome. Acquitted.
R v L, 2016
Southwark Crown Court. Allegation of serious sexual assault on young boy by his step-grandfather. Extremely sensitive because of victim’s father’s employment and the location of the alleged assault. The defendant was a foreign national.
Re: C, 2016
British Forces Germany Court Martial Centre. Allegation of rape of a German national in barracks by a British soldier. Acquitted.

Licensing cases

Appeal of G, 2016
Teesside Crown Court. Grouse moor keeper: certificate revoked after RSPB found cyanide and other poisons hidden on the estate where he worked. Suspicion of other wildlife crime offences. Successfully persuaded court that his job and house would be forfeit if he had no licence. Appeal successful.
Appeal of M, 2016
Lancaster Crown Court. Revocation of shotgun certificate of successful businessman based on police intelligence. Appeal successful.

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Appeal of R, 2016
Winchester Crown Court. Difficult appeal against revocation of firearms and shotgun certificate for farmer. Difficulties over non-disclosure of previous convictions for a variety of offences and recent incident of violence in alleged road rage incident. Appeal successful.
Appeal of R, 2015
Swansea Crown Court. Difficult appeal against revocation for a client who had been revoked before. History of allegations of domestic violence, controlling and coercive behaviour. A number of evidential challenges to overcome. Appeal successful.
Advisory work regarding the obtaining of a visitor’s permit, for a Russian national domiciled in the EU, to import and keep firearms while in the UK.

Other Activities and Interests

  • Peter is Chairman of the British Association of Shooting and Conservation, the UK’s largest shooting organisation. He writes for The Shooting Gazette and other publications on matters concerning firearms law
  • He is a member of the Worshipful Company of Gunmakers
  • Away from work, Peter is usually found enjoying the British countryside or in the kitchen

Professional commentary and attribution

"Excellent with lay clients, and a skilled and formidable advocate." (Legal 500, 2017)
"Has cornered the market in firearms licensing, and regularly defends private clients who have breached firearm licence requirements. He is praised for the depth of his knowledge of this area."
"A lawyer with a good network of connections in the firearms community" who is "approachable, amenable and always well liked by clients."

Chambers UK, 2018

"An extremely good advocate before tribunals."

Legal 500, 2016

PROFILE: Peter Glenser QC

‘Particularly good for anything to do with firearms.’

Legal 500, 2019

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