Patricia May


Patricia is a criminal practitioner at 9 Bedford Row, well known for prosecution and defence work relating to sexual offences, and offences involving violence.

Background and expertise

Patricia specialises in cases involving vulnerable people, females and children – either as defendants or complainants – and is notable for her handling of sensitive cases.

A significant proportion of her practice involves child sex abuse cases with multiple defendants and/or complainants.

She has a particular interest and knowledge in the field of forensic science.

Notable cases

R v M and others

‘Witchcraft’ case at Central Criminal Court Torture of young girl and conspiracy to murder.

R v H

Case of multiple serious sexual offences against young boys. Kingston Crown Court.

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R v P

Snaresbrook Crown Court Case of child cruelty – allegedly Munchausen's syndrome by proxy.

R v S

Reading Crown Court Historic allegations of child sex abuse against young boys.

R v O

Central Criminal Court Allegations of serial rape.

R v D

Southwark Crown Court Alleged conspiracy to control prostitution.

R v P

Luton Crown Court Multiple sexual offences against young girls.

Other activities and interests

  • Patricia is interested in skiing, golf, aerobics and  travelling

PROFILE: Patricia May

Year called



020 7489 2727


King’s College, London

Woodford County High School


Criminal Bar Association, Medico-Legal Society


CPS Panel (Grade 4) and Rape Panel

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