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Nadim practices in both civil and crime with particular experience of Court Martial. He is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Legal Service Reserves. He is considered an expert in coronial law and sits as an Assistant Coroner in South Wales Central. He also practises from PSQB Leeds.

Background and Expertise

Having been called to the Bar in November 1988, Nadim has many years of worldwide experience, in the past travelling to countries such as Cyprus, Brunei, Germany and Northern Ireland in order to practise criminal law.  Nadim’s style of practice involves extensive preparation of every case he tackles in order to achieve perfection with notable attention to the minute details which of course, can win or lose the case.

Nadim is also a member of the British Army Reserves with the Army Legal Service, and attached to the Service Prosecuting Authority, currently holding the rank of Lt Col. He practises in Courts Martial around the world, both prosecuting and defending all members of the three Armed Services (British Army, Royal Navy & RAF). Moreover, he is on the criminal advocacy training team. He was appointed the Cultural Co-Ordinator for Op HERRICK 11, and deployed with Bde HQ of 11 Light Brigade to Lashka Ghar, Helmand Province, Afghanistan between Oct – Dec 2009 after 3 months of pre-deployment training.

In criminal law, he enjoys a predominantly prosecution practice and is a Grade 4 external advocate for the CPS, specialising in serious organised crime, fraud and confiscation proceedings and on the Level B List for the Specialist Regulatory Advocates Panel comprising the HSE, Office of Rail & Road, Environment Agency, Care Quality Commission, Office for Nuclear Regulation and Natural Resources Wales.

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Court Martial/Military Work

R v AFC Harrogate x 10, 2017

Prosecution of allegations of abuse by instructors on Junior Soldiers at AFC Harrogate in February 2017.  Prosecution was stayed as an abuse of process due to flaws in the investigation of the allegations.

R v Price, Bell & Pankhurst, 2017

This defence case involved allegations of Gross Negligence Manslaughter/Negligent Performance of a Duty following a fatality at the Castlemartin Firing Ranges, Wales which was set up by a subaltern causing cross-fire to take place between adjacent ranges.

Rv LCpl Smith, Lloyd and Lewis, 2016

This case involved an allegation of Gross Negligence Manslaughter/Negligent Performance of a Duty when a bucket from an earth moving machine fell from height and struck the dec’d in camp Bastion during the draw down phase.  Combat Immunity was raised as a defence.  Guilty pleas were entered by all.

The Times Newspaper Ltd v Soldiers A, B, C, D and E (2008) EWCA Crim 2559

This case involved an appeal under the Contempt of Court Act 1981 and the Army Act 1955 in relation to UK Special Forces involving the conduct of proceedings in-camera.

R v Marine Hickman, 2005

Prosecuted a Royal Marine from the RN Base at Faslane who had stolen a 9mm pistol from the armoury to order for the UDA (a prescribed terrorist organisation).  A trial was conducted over 2 weeks which involved all 3 jurisdictional laws of England, Scotland and N Ireland.  He was found guilty.

R v CSM Stanton & CSgt Harrington, 2003

Prosecuted this case which involved allegations of Corruption on Op Telic in Iraq when an impromptu auction was held by the Defendants for the sale of salvage material from one of Saddam’s Secret Intelligence Centres.  Stanton entered a guilty plea while Harrington had a trial over two weeks and was found guilty.


Craven Council v Billy Bob’s Ice-Cream Parlour

HSE investigation which was taken over and prosecuted by Craven Council involving offences contrary to Section 3 and 4 of the HSWA 1974 and RIDDOR Regulations involving 5 Defendants (2 companies and 3 individuals) in respect of the provision of an unsupervised children’s play barn on the site of their ice-cream factory where a large number of serious injuries followed due to the inadequacy of the play equipment provided.

R v Smith, Lloyd & Lewis

Health & Safety – Gross Negligent Manslaughter prosecution with Negligent Performing a Duty under military law charged in the alternative. The core allegation centred around 3 Defendants who were part of a 5-man team in the Bio Washdown Facility in Camp Bastion, Afghanistan where they had adopted an unsafe system of work causing the death of one of their number when a bucket slid off a raised set of forks on an earth moving machine instantly killing their colleague. Issues involving Combat Immunity were raised and responded to but were never fully argued given that guilty pleas were entered.

R v Price, Bell & Pankhurst

Health & Safety Gross Negligent Manslaughter case with Negligent Performing a Duty under military law. The case concerned the setting up of 2 adjacent live firing ranges by a Junior Officer but where the participants of the first range were firing in the direction of the adjacent range causing a soldier to be killed on the adjacent range.

MHRA -V- David Pearson, Alla Pearson (Operation Upana)

Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency prosecution – case concerned the distributing of medical products without a wholesale dealers license Reg 18(1)(a) and 34 (1) Human Medicines Regulations 2012.

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Serious crime

R v A and others, 2005 EWCA Crim 87

Representing the defendant in a conspiracy involving a money laundering trial involving £170 million pounds.

Civil Fraud

Sardar & Others v Akhtar & Others, 2014

1 October 2014 at Sheffield County Court (multi-track trial) before a senior circuit judge who, in the course of his summing-up, said: “I pay tribute to Mr Bashir for the way he navigated a course through the evidence, acknowledging his duty to the courts and to all his lay clients with consummate skill and experience as one would expect”.

Other Interests

  • Paratrooper with 4th Battalion Parachute Regiment (V), with whom he earned his Parachute Wings;
  • 3rd Battalion Military Intelligence (V) specialising in Interrogation work, Conduct after Capture training, Resistance to Interrogation Training and Arabic language skills;
  • Full UK car and HGV Class 1 driving licence.


OSM Afghanistan with clasp; QGJM, QDJM, VRSM with clasp x 2

Hobbies and Interests

  • Mountain Skiing
  • Sailing
  • Cycling
  • Clay target shooting
  • Language skills
  • Cross country running
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Leeds Metropolitan University, PGDip Personal Injury Litigation

BVC - Inns of Court School of Law

LL.B. (Hons) Leeds Polytechnic


Middle Temple

North Eastern Circuit


CPS Prosecutor (grade 4)

CPS Fraud panel (grade 4)

CPS POCA panel (grade 4)

CPS Serious Crime panel (grade 4)

Specialist Regulatory Advocate (B List)

Assistant Coroner (South Wales Central)

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