Jollyon Robertson


Jollyon Robertson is an experienced leading junior, appearing on a regular basis in serious criminal cases for either prosecution or defence, including multi-handed cases.

Background and Expertise

Jollyon has substantial experience at the criminal bar, with over 30 years’ experience in trials in Crown courts across the country, both as a leading junior (for 20 years) and as junior alone.

His cases have included murder, large-scale importation of drugs, kidnapping, false imprisonment, blackmail, recent and historic rape, fraud, money laundering, corruption and armed robbery.

He is highly regarded for his thorough preparation, for his tactical appreciation of case, and for his advocacy skills in court.

In addition to regularly appearing in the Crown Court he has appeared in the Court of Appeal on many occasions, as well as courts martial.

Jollyon is a Grade 3 prosecutor and on the CPS rape list.

Notable cases

R v J, 2017

Successful prosecution, after four-week trial, of Chief Financial Officer of public company charged with theft of £1m over two years, in breach of trust. Harrow Crown Court.

R v V, 2016
Defending in £1m “boiler room fraud” case. Legal arguments on prosecution failure to disclose: the direct result was that the prosecution offered no evidence and the case collapsed. Harrow Crown Court.
R v C, 2015
Defending a historic sex case: a 67-year-old man was charged with alleged rape on numerous occasions of 7-year-old nephew, 42 years ago. After a long trial the defendant was acquitted. Inner London Crown Court.

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Homicide and violence cases

R v M, 2017

Prosecuting. Defendant determined by psychiatrists unfit to plead or stand trial, over charges of malicious communications (“revenge porn”), stalking, threats to kill and racially aggravated harassment. Difficult “trial of issue” took 10 days and involved substantial issues of fact and law, as well as mental health issues. Harrow Crown Court.

R v A, 2016
Defendant acquitted (no case to answer) after successful challenge of DNA evidence in case of possession of a sawn-off shotgun. Co-defendant received 7 years. Isleworth Crown Court.
R v B and 12 others, 2016
Leading junior (for the prosecution) in two long trials involving football violence. Blackfriars Crown Court.

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Sexual offences cases

R v B, 2015
Successfully defended a 35-year-old man against rape allegations made by two separate complainants who had never met. Substantial character evidence called in support of the defendant’s case. Southampton Crown Court.
R v S, 2013
Successfully defended a young man against an allegation of rape. Autistic complainant. Psychiatric evidence at trial. Intermediary used. Disclosure issues raised by defence in relation to computer records and Facebook accounts of the complainant. Commended on cross-examination. Croydon Crown Court.

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Financial crime cases

R v M, 2019

Counsel for the prosecution in a multi-handed conspiracy to steal high value motorcars. The case involved expert evidence in relation to the electronic ‘relay’ systems used in such thefts, as well as cell site and other telephone evidence. The defendants were convicted.

R v S, 2018

Counsel for the prosecution in relation to theft of a large sum of money from an ex-police officer. Both defendants were convicted, since when further similar thefts have been investigated which the main defendant has accepted.

R v G, 2018

Counsel for the prosecution in relation to a bank robbery by 3 males. Two were not arrested. The third was convicted after a 7 day trial. The evidence involved comprehensive events/telephone schedules which were used to demonstrate the movements of each of the robbers before during and after the robbery.

R v E, 2015
Successfully defended a young lady against potentially life-changing allegations of money laundering. Defendant of good character, acquitted after a two-week trial. Inner London Crown Court.
R v B
Defending (led by QC) in alleged conspiracy to defraud. Major high-profile “horse-doping” trial; appeared for first defendant in a five-defendant trial. Successful exclusion of part of the evidence at the outset of the trial; case collapsed (no case to answer). Southwark Crown Court.

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Drugs cases

R v S, 2018

Successfully defended a man in his early 50s on allegations of conspiracy to import Class ‘A’ drugs from the West Indies. The prosecution sought to introduce bad character evidence from the USA. They also adduced comprehensive telephone schedule evidence all of which was undermined in cross-examination at trial.

R v Mc, 2012
Defending. Defendant acquitted of alleged importation of 3 million ecstasy tablets; released within a short time after a lesser charge of conviction of duty on a substantial quantity of tobacco. Canterbury Crown Court.
R v J
Leading junior in trial of importation of heroin by low-flying light aircraft under cover of fog. Large bags airdropped in remote location. Advised on experts for defendant in fields of ballistics, aeronautics, radar and satellite/telephones. Canterbury Crown Court.

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Other Activities and Interests

  • Ocean racing
  • Member of the Honourable Artillery Company
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020 7489 2727


BA (Hons) Law, 1979


CBA, Middle Temple, Western Circuit


CPS Panel (Grade 3) and Rape Panel

Specialist rape and serious sexual offences prosecutor

Pupil supervisor

Advocacy trainer

European Human Rights Conference facilitator

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