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Corinne is a specialist trial advocate undertaking work in all areas of complex crime; extradition, regulatory law and professional discipline. She is instructed as leading counsel and as junior to Queen’s Counsel, as well as to act alone. Corinne is also qualified to represent members of the public directly in accordance with the Bar Council’s Direct Access Scheme.

Background and expertise

Corinne has expertise in complex financial crime and serious sexual offences. She prosecutes and defends and is an appointed CPS grade 4 prosecutor. Corinne has also been appointed to the CPS specialist panels for fraud; serious crime; rape and serious sexual offences, and extradition.

Corinne has appeared at courts martial in the UK and Germany and is an experienced extradition practitioner. She has acted for both requested people and foreign governments and judicial authorities.

Corinne has been instructed in numerous regulatory law and professional disciplinary matters both for professional people and regulators. Corinne has experience conducting cases brought by the General Medical Council (GMC) and the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). She has also appeared in several judicial reviews.

Corinne is particularly skilled distilling voluminous and complex evidence into concise, digestible format. She is accomplished handling matters of disclosure and in 2018 lectured on ‘disclosure in the digital age’ and, ‘developments in the field of proceeds of crime and confiscation’.

Corinne has conducted numerous trials involving young and vulnerable people. She has completed Vulnerable Witness training and Expert Evidence training at the Inns of Court College of Advocacy.

Corinne has previously been seconded Counsel at the Crown Prosecution Service Special Crime and Counter Terrorism Division's Extradition Unit, the Nursing and Midwifery Council and Revenue and Customs Prosecution Office.

Corinne is an accredited pupil supervisor.


R v A and 4 others

£34-million, missing trader intra-community (MTIC) VAT fraud trial.

R v W

Attempted Murder

R v K and S

Death by dangerous driving

R v W and 3 others

Conspiracy to administer poison with intent to procure a miscarriage and child destruction.


R v K and 5 Others, 2019

£87-million money laundering and £34-million missing trader intra-community (MTIC) fraud trial.

R v D and others, 2019

10-day contested confiscation hearing pursuant to the Proceeds of Crime Act for £5-million Gift Aid fraud and multi-jurisdiction money laundering. The case involved multiple sources of evidence obtained from abroad using the International Letter of Request (ILOR) scheme

R v M and M, 2017

£50-million, three-defendant fraud prosecuted by HMRC and the CPS. The case involved complex legal argument on the issue of ‘double jeopardy’ pursuant to Article 54 of the Convention Implementing the Schengen Agreement including expert evidence from a Professor of Italian law.

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R v D, D and V, 2016

£5-million, four-defendant Gift Aid fraud and multi-jurisdiction money laundering trial.

See Daily Express article

See Daily Telegraph article

R v I and Others, 2014

Conspiracy to commit fraud against a leading UK telecommunications company.

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R v N, 2018

Prosecution counsel – defendant convicted, following an 11-day trial, of historical sexual offences committed 39 years ago against a familial child aged 11. The case involved contested expert evidence from chartered clinical psychologists on ‘false memory syndrome’.

R v H, 2018

Defence counsel for a man charged with offences including causing a child to watch a sexual act and engaging in sexual activity. Corinne successfully applied to dismiss the s.12(1) ‘sexting’ charge on the basis that sending a photograph of an erect penis did not amount to “engaging in an activity”.

R v F, 2018

Defence counsel - client acquitted, following a 5-day trial, of allegations of sexually assaulting a former sexual partner.

R v H, 2017

Prosecution counsel – defendant convicted following trial for historical child sexual offences of rape and indecent assault. The defendant received 14 years’ imprisonment and a Sexual Harm Prevention Order for life.

See Bracknell News article

R v W, 2017

Prosecution counsel – defendant received 9 years’ imprisonment and a Sexual Harm Prevention Order for life, following a trial at the Central Criminal Court, for historical and recent sexual offending against familial children aged 4-9.

R v U, 2017

Prosecution counsel – defendant convicted, following trial, of the assault by penetration of a 6-year-old child for whom he was babysitting.

R v K, 2016

Prosecution counsel in the trial of a defendant charged with 35 serious sexual offences spanning 12 years against six complainants, the youngest of whom was aged 2. The defendant was convicted and received a life sentence.

See BBC News article

R v M, 2015

Defence counsel - client acquitted of an alleged date rape. The trial involved contested expert evidence on the use of Ketamine.

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R v Z and C, 2018

Prosecution counsel – father and step-mother convicted of offences of child cruelty and assault, following a 9-day trial. In her sentencing remarks the Judge found “repeated, sustained isolation”, the child “was treated like an animal”. The defendants’ received sentences of 39 months and 28 months imprisonment respectively.

R v H, 2018

Defence counsel - client acquitted following a 7-day trial for offences of assault and false imprisonment. The trial involved contested expert evidence on blood spatter.

R v O and M, 2018

Prosecution counsel – the defendants received terms of imprisonment of 42 months and 9 months respectively for offences including causing serious injury by dangerous driving where one car struck a pedestrian causing the loss of a limb. The case involved expert evidence from crash scene investigators.

R v B and Others, 2015

Defence counsel – the prosecution ‘offered no evidence’ following Corinne’s written submissions that there was no case to answer on charges of modern slavery.

See Darlington and Stockton Times article

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Ireland v J, 2019

42 serious sexual offences including multiple allegations of rape.

N v Poland, 2019

Burglary offences.

L v Germany, 2018

Fraud offences.

Wilby and Halliday v. Czech Republic [2012] EWHC 1006 (Admin)

Drug trafficking offences.

Istanek v. Czech Republic [2011] EWHC 1498 (Admin)

Led by John Hardy Q.C.

Coleiro v. Malta [2011] EWHC 873 (Admin)

Article 3 of the ECHR

Italy v Barone [2010] EWHC 3004 (Admin)

Abuse of process and delay - aggravated murder, attempted robbery and illegal possession and carrying of arms - led by Alun Jones Q.C.

Rot v Poland [2010] EWHC 1820 (Admin)

Section 25 of the Extradition Act 2003

Mihociu v Hungary [2010] EWHC 708 (Admin)

Successful passage of time and Article 8 submission.

Kwasny v Poland [2010] EWHC 518 (Admin)

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NMC v C, 2016

Poor midwifery practices following neonatal deaths.

GMC v C, 2015

Dishonesty convictions

NMC v E, 2014

Repeated and systemic midwifery failings.

NMC v GY, 2013

Registrant convicted of making 7,500 indecent images of children over a 6-year period.

NMC v SS, 2013

Registrant failed to investigate an allegation of sexual assault by another service user.

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R v M, 2017

Successful appeal concerning the operation of Article 54 of the Convention Implementing the Schengen Agreement ne bis in idem principle of ‘double jeopardy’ based on previous criminal proceedings in Italy - led by Tim Owen QC and David Hughes.

R v W, 2017

Prosecution counsel in a successful, expedited appeal against a terminating ruling, following a contested application for a stay for abuse of process, due to the impact of delay in bringing the prosecution on the competency of a 6-year-old complainant, pursuant to s.53 of the YJCEA 1999. Corinne also appeared for the prosecution at the subsequent trial where the defendant was convicted.

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Professional commentary and attribution

“Her mitigation was absolutely superb. She presented it beautifully and concisely and persuaded me that I could suspend the sentence on her client, who was already in breach of a suspended sentence. He has her to thank for his continued liberty. It was a model of mitigation advocacy and she is obviously an extremely talented member of the Bar ...”

“I found her conduct in the trial to be exemplary, including her manner with witnesses. She combined a sensitivity with a robust approach where it was needed. Ms Bramwell was in control of the proceedings ..'

“Miss Bramwell prepared and presented the case in a clear and methodical way, thus ensuring clarity in what might otherwise have been difficult to follow evidence, due to the volume and complexity of material.”
“I have been impressed with her attention to detail and her ability to grasp [with some pace] some of the technicalities of Tax and its guidelines.”
“Ms Bramwell is a great communicator and is meticulous and professional in her approach.” 
“Corinne had an excellent working relationship with the respective investigation teams and was a valuable junior in the presentation of the cases to the juries.”
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“Ms Bramwell is a great communicator and is meticulous and professional in her approach.”

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020 7489 2727


BVC - Inns of Court School of Law, City University

LLB (Hons) - European, International and Comparative Law, University of Sheffield and University of Helsinki


Inner Temple

South Eastern Circuit

Criminal Bar Association


CPS Prosecutor (grade 4)


CPS Fraud panel (grade 3)

CPS Serious Crime panel (grade 3)

CPS Extradition panel (grade 2)

Direct Access qualified

Pupil Supervisor

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