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Aneurin has developed a well-deserved reputation as a tenacious and conscientious defence advocate with a down to earth demeanour and a talent for winning the confidence and trust of lay clients and juries.

He is a specialist in lengthy, multi-handed and factually complex trials involving allegation of drugs supply and fraud both as a led junior and increasingly in his own right.

Background and Expertise

In addition to a busy trial practice Aneurin regularly advises on and conducts appeals against conviction and/or sentence on a referral basis with many notable successes including: R v Galvin where he successfully resisted an Attorney General’s reference for an unduly lenient sentence for a series of organized armed robberies of delivery trucks; R v Tandy where, as junior counsel to Abbas Lakha Q.C., they successfully appealed against sentence following a baby shaking conviction and advised on an appeal against conviction on the basis of new scientific evidence; and, R v Jamshed Khan where, as junior counsel to Abbas Lakha Q.C., they successfully appealed against conviction in the case of the 2005 Bradford general election fraud (news story here).

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Notable cases

R v EY, 2019

Currently representing defendant charged with VAT and income tax evasion allegedly running to about £400,000 turning on numerous duelling forensic accountant reports as to the appropriate specialist VAT regime and method for estimating the tax. Led by Abbas Lakha QC.

R v TX, 2019

Aneurin successfully defended a mechanic caught up in a complex multi-handed car-ringing conspiracy following a five-week trial turning on expert mechanical evidence. Hove Crown Court.

R v L, 2018

Aneurin successfully defended an alleged lieutenant in a large scale multi-handed cocaine supply conspiracy following a six-week trial turning on detailed surveillance and telephone evidence. Nottingham Crown Court.

R v M-W, 2018

Aneurin successfully defended a youth on appeal from the youth court against charges of witness intimidation and section 18 wounding in an alleged gang stabbing involving cross examination of a vulnerable young complainant to show his account was not truthful. Woolwich Crown Court.

R v M, 2017

Defending an alleged cash and carry owner accused of a complex multimillion pound VAT and alcohol excise duty diversion fraud and alcohol smuggling operation involving a direct cut throat defence led by Abbas Lakha Q.C. Leeds Crown Court.

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Other Activities and Interests

  • Advocacy trainer
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020 7489 2727


European Student Debating Champion, 2003

BA (Hons) Philosophy, Bristol University (first class), 2001–04

GDL, City University (Distinction), 2006–07


Inner Temple Major Scholar


CPS Panel (Grade 3)

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