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Aneurin has developed a well-deserved reputation as a tenacious and conscientious defence advocate with a down to earth demeanour and a talent for winning the confidence and trust of lay clients and juries. He is a specialist in lengthy, multi-handed and factually complex trials involving allegation of drugs supply, fraud and other criminal conspiracies both as a led junior and in his own right.

Background and Expertise

In addition to a busy trial practice Aneurin regularly advises on and conducts appeals against conviction and/or sentence on a referral basis with many notable successes including: R v Galvin where he successfully resisted an Attorney General’s reference for an unduly lenient sentence for a series of organized armed robberies of delivery trucks; R v Tandy where, as junior counsel to Abbas Lakha Q.C., they successfully appealed against sentence following a baby shaking conviction and advised on an appeal against conviction on the basis of new scientific evidence; and, R v Jamshed Khan where, as junior counsel to Abbas Lakha Q.C., they successfully appealed against conviction in the case of the 2005 Bradford general election fraud (news story here).

Aneurin (lead by Abbas Lakha QC) recently successfully resisted a Prosecution application to extend Custody Time Limits in a case involving allegations of rape and perverting the course of Justice. In an important first instance decision His Honour Judge Gibson refused a prosecution application to extend the Custody Time Limits (“CTLs”) of a defendant facing charges of rape and perverting the course of justice where his trial could not proceed due to the epidemic. Abbas and Aneurin successfully argued on behalf of the defendant that while the current crisis did amount to a good and sufficient cause to extended the CTLs that nevertheless did not excuse the prosecution’s failures to act with all due diligence and expedition to be trial ready by the due date. The learned judge consequently allowed for the defendant’s release while awaiting his delayed trial date. Please see a note of the learned Judge’s ruling here.

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Notable cases

R v S, 2020

Counsel alone in ongoing prosecution of arson with intent to endanger life turning on defence of insanity. Southwark Crown Court.

R v D, 2020

Led by Jennifer Dempster QC in an alleged murder of a 15 year old by a 15 year old defendant. Central Criminal Court.

R v M, 2019

Aneurin successfully represented a defendant as junior counsel in a conspiracy to murder four month trial before Mr Justice Morris concerning two gang related drive by shootings. Nottingham Crown Court.

R v TX, 2019

Successfully defended a mechanic caught up in a complex multi-handed car-ringing conspiracy following a five-week trial turning on expert mechanical evidence. Hove Crown Court.

R v M, 2019

Successfully defended a father charged with substantial money laundering offences related to his son's alleged sophisticated tax fraud in a multi-handed five week trial turning on complex financial evidence. Nottingham Crown Court.

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R v EY, 2019

Junior counsel to Abbas Lakha Q.C. in a successful defence to substantial VAT and Income tax avoidance turning on historic VAT regulations. Bradford Crown Court.

R v N, 2019

Junior counsel to Abbas Lakha Q.C. in a successful defence of substantial money laundering charges. Manchester Crown Court.

R v S, 2019

Successful defence of charges of a substantial VAT and income tax fraud on the basis of psychiatric evidence.

Operation Gilta, 2019

Instructed counsel on substantial class A drug undercover test purchase operation involving over 30 defendants with a 100% conviction rate. Inner London Crown Court.

R v L, 2018

Counsel alone partially successfully defending an alleged lieutenant in a large scale multi-handed cocaine supply conspiracy following a six-week trial. Nottingham Crown Court

R v C & others, 2018

Junior counsel to Katrina Charles in a successful prosecution of seven defendants charged with a million-pound insurance fraud prosecuted by the City of London Police. Inner London Crown Court. Snaresbrook Crown Court.

R v M-W, 2018

Counsel alone successfully defending a youth on appeal from the youth court against charges of witness intimidation and section 18 wounding in an alleged gang stabbing involving cross examination of a vulnerable young complainant to show his account was not truthful. Woolwich Crown Court.

R v C, 2018

Defending alone a defendant charged with possession with intent to supply 31 kilos of high purity cocaine. Snaresbrook Crown Court.

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Appeals & Advisory Practice

R v S, 2020

Successful appeal against sentence imposed for a sophisticated and substantial banking fraud in which original trial counsel’s grounds were refused leave to appeal.

R v H, 2019

Aneurin represented the appellant in the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division). The appeal was against the terms imposed in a Sexual Harm Prevention Order imposed following a conviction for possession of indecent images of children seeking to prevent unsupervised contact with children. The appeal has now been conceded by the Prosecution.

R v B, [2019] EWCA Crim 2317

Counsel alone in an appeal against a murder conviction on the basis of fresh psychiatric evidence, praised by L.J. Dingemans for his “extremely helpful, cogent and reasoned submissions.”

R v A, [2019] EWCA Crim 2239, [2020] 4 W.L.R 6

Junior counsel assisting John King in a referral by the CCRC against a conviction linked to the 7/7 bombings on the basis of a contested confession and following a successful appeal to the European Court of Human Rights.

R v Raja Hussain, 2019

Junior counsel to Abbas Lakha Q.C. in an ongoing appeal against a conviction and sentence for possession of firearms, ammunition and explosives.

R v Mahmood, 2019

Junior counsel to Abbas Lakha Q.C. in an ongoing appeal against sentence for historic child rapes against two sisters.

R v Iyas Khan, 2019

Junior to Abbas Lakha Q.C. on an appeal against conviction for possession with intent to supply 10 kilos of heroin on the basis of fingerprints on a movable object.

R v Adnan Khan, 2019

Junior to Abbas Lakha Q.C. on a successful appeal against sentence for high level class A drug dealer following extensive period on the run reducing the sentence from 12 to 10 years’ imprisonment.

R v Steele, Whomes & Corry, 2018

Junior counsel to Abbas Lakha Q.C. advising on an appeal against the Criminal Cases Review Commission's refusal to refer the applicants' convictions for the infamous "Rettendon" fatal gang shooting in 1995 to the Court of Appeal.

R v Miah [2018] EWCA Crim 364

Successful appeal against sentence for causing serious injury by dangerous driving reducing the sentence from 3 to 2 years.

R v Boyle, 2018

Counsel alone in an appeal against sentence imposed for an offence of assault by penetration by a defendant who posed as a doctor.

Post Jogee Appeals, 2017-2018

Advised on prospects of appeals against conviction in 11 separate murder defendants in light of the Supreme Court judgement changing the law on joint enterprise.

R v Lordan [2017] EWCA Crim 905

Successful appeal against sentence for a series of handbag thefts reducing the sentence from 42 to 16 months.

K v CPS, 2017

Advised on civil action against CPS for negligent disclosure of a witness’s caution for child sex offences.

R v Riddle [2017] 1 W.L.R. 3593

Alone successfully persuaded the Court of Appeal to enlarge the defences to dangerous driving to include self-defence.

R v Galvin [2016] EWCA Crim 2216

Successfully resisted alone an Attorney General’s Reference for an unduly lenient sentence for a series of organized robberies;

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Private Prosecutions

Amazon v Mellis & others

Advised on a private prosecution brought on behalf of Amazon for an alleged million-pound cross jurisdictional fraud by a supplier.

UK Vinters Plc. v PSR

Advised a vintage wine broker on a million-pound fraud they were victim of involving the inflating of purchase prices of vintage wines.

Partridge v Schechtman

Advised on and conducted private prosecution for alleged fraudulent mismanagement of management trust of a block of flat’s freehold.

Vincent v Dunn

Advised on private prosecution against a fraudulent investment advisor by his victims.

Morris v Barclays Bank Plc.

Advised on private prosecution against Barclays Bank employees for allegedly fraudulent advice given to a business banking customer.

R v X

Advised on private prosecution by an acquitted defendant against a discredited complainant for perjury.

Other Activities and Interests

  • Advocacy trainer
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European Student Debating Champion, 2003

BA (Hons) Philosophy, Bristol University (first class), 2001–04

GDL, City University (Distinction), 2006–07


Inner Temple Major Scholar


CPS Panel (Grade 3)

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