Jonathan Akinsanya secures acquittal following 5-week attempted murder trial

11 February 2020

The prosecution alleged that each of the 13 defendants was part of a joint enterprise attempt to murder. The victim had been in the Willesden Probation office where two of the defendants (one of whom was Junior Godspower) were also in attendance. A group gathered at the bus stop outside who the prosecution suggested had been summoned by the two defendants in the probation office. The victim came out of the probation offices and was chased by a large group and subjected to a ferocious attack that included being stabbed 6 times and kicked repeatedly. The prosecution attempted to suggest that the attack was revenge for the attempted murder of a prominent member of the Church Road Soldiers some days previously by the South Kilburn gang. There was legal argument before the trial and the evidence of gangs and revenge were ruled inadmissible because there was no admissible evidence to show that any of the participants in either attack were gang members. After a 5-week trial Junior Godspower was unanimously acquitted of both attempted murder and the alternative count of Grievous bodily harm with intent.

Jonathan was instructed by Frank Chelian of Chelian Law.

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