Ignatius Hughes QC achieves successful outcome in manslaughter sentence

29 March 2021

Ryan Palmer, acquitted of murder at trial, received a determinate sentence of 11 years.

The prosecution had contended that as the sole defendant present at the scene of the murder of Harry Baker at Barry Docks not convicted of murder, his case was category A, with a startling point of 18 years, as part of an armed gang, aware three others had knives, having witnessed an earlier knife attack on the victim, and close enough to the killing, after a long chase, to have airborne blood on his weapon-a plank with nails in it.

Mr Justice Picken, Presiding Judge of the Wales and Chester Circuit, was persuaded that his case instead fell into category B, with a starting point of 12 years, and that mitigation outweighed aggravating features within that category.

The four convicted of murder, including a youth, received life with minimum terms ranging between 20 and 29 years.