Gary Summers launches his ‘Resolution’ practice model promoting low cost access to justice in the Commercial Court.

20 January 2020

Gary Summers has launched his ‘Resolution’ practice model, promoting low cost access to justice in Commercial Court/Chancery Division cases where million-pound cost budgets have become entry barriers to litigants.

The model replicates two pilot cases undertaken by Gary in 2019 and aims to promote access to justice using Counsel’s license to litigate and ensure clients are immediately fast tracked to specialist counsel (including Queens Counsel) in the area of dispute and that experts are instructed at an early stage, so that the merits of a claim may be properly assessed and critically evaluated.

Clients are encouraged to enter ADR after the exchange of pre-action protocol letters and disclosure pilot disclosure and if the case proceeds to a trial, participate heavily in the disclosure process under Gary’s direction to cut costs.

Clients pay fees on easy monthly terms by an affordable retainer spread over the life of the case.

For further details please contact Mark Cornell (Director of Business Development) on 0207 489 2887 or email