Custody Time Limits – A change in judicial approach?

28 January 2020

On 24 January Jonathan Akinsanya appeared at Wood Green Crown Court representing one of two defendants charged with s.18 gbh. His client is a juvenile.

The trial date was originally set for 2 December 2019 but was taken out. A new date of 5 May 2020 was set by the list office and representations were made that this was outside the custody time limits and, bearing in mind the age of the youngest defendant, any trial date should be sooner rather than later.

On 24 January the application to extend the custody time limits was opposed on the basis that in routine cases  'the unavailability of a judge or a court room will not provide a good and sufficient cause, absent other circumstances’. Following consideration of Jonathan’s submissions by the Resident Judge conditional bail was granted on the basis that unavailability of a judge or court room does not provide a good and sufficient cause.