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For over 70 years, members of this leading set of specialist criminal chambers have both prosecuted and defended in major cases in the principal courts across the country. During this time we have provided a professional, approachable and efficient service to every case however great or small. In recent years, work has extended to international courts, including a number of significant cases at The Hague.  

Chambers' expertise covers the widest scope: from murder, manslaughter and firearms offences, to drug trafficking, people trafficking, terrorism, robbery and road traffic offences. In recent years there has been a growing emphasis on corporate and white collar crime, which includes fraud, bribery and corruption, with a fast development in regulatory and compliance matters. Chambers has a well-respected group of practitioners specialising in rape and serious sexual crime. In addition, chambers provides high-quality representation and advice in cases involving military personnel, whether regular or reservist, including courts martial.

Drawing on 8 QCs and 57 junior barristers, Chambers guards its reputation for active case management with determination and members are accustomed to cooperating closely within a team.  Whether prosecuting or defending, the early preparation of case plans and the constant monitoring of progress is considered vital.  Through its network of professionals, chambers can offer bespoke solutions to seemingly intractable legal issues.

For further information on our services, please contact our experienced clerks who are always happy to discuss new cases, and advise instructing solicitors or direct access clients as to the most appropriate counsel on 0207 489 2727 or by email on

    Serious Crime                     

Barristers from Nine Bedford Row defend and prosecute cases of the utmost seriousness in the Central Criminal Court and crown courts across the country.

Members of chambers are engaged in trials involving conspiracies to murder arising out of contract killings, “honour” killings, ‘domestic’ murders, and the activities of organised criminals, including armed robberies and kidnappings.

They have defended in numerous “Trident” prosecutions, and other cases with a high level of media exposure and notoriety. They regularly appear in major drug importation trials, in cases involving the trafficking of persons for profit and for sexual exploitation and in large-scale drug supply prosecutions.

Nine Bedford Row barristers have a strong reputation for active, involved case management and team leadership, operating closely with those instructing them.

When prosecuting, they provide a comprehensive and highly regarded case preparation service, aiming for a robust, efficient and effective trial.

Defending, they advise solicitors on case preparation and management at an early stage, on occasion even before charge, and subsequently throughout the proceedings.

Chambers has direct access to the UK’s leading forensic and other experts, with whom we have forged strong professional relationships over decades. Counsel can call on experts in areas where scientific evidence is challenged or otherwise in issue, for example, on DNA, blood spattering, fingerprints, fibres, handwriting, ballistics, voice and facial analysis and mobile telephony. Forensic accountants are available for cases of fraud and other financial crime.

Where our clients are in custody, Counsel will ensure they have regular conferences, either in person or through the use of our video conferencing facility, where we can connect to all the country’s prisons directly from Nine Bedford Row.

    General Crime

The vast majority of cases before the criminal courts fall under the category of ‘General Crime’.

Whatever the case, our clients can expect 9 Bedford Row barristers to provide a first class service in terms of their advice and representation in court.

    Sexual Offences

A dedicated group of practitioners within chambers specialise in serious sexual offences. They are experienced in both the defence and prosecution of all sexual offences under the SOA 2003 and cases under previous legislation. This includes related offences, such as child cruelty, internet offences and child abduction.

They are skilled in creating rapport with children and other vulnerable persons, who are either witnesses or defendants, both during case preparation and the trial process requiring special skills in examination and cross-examination.

Their expertise covers matters most frequently encountered in such areas, as in section 41 SOA applications, bad character applications, having particular regard to previous alleged similar sexual offences / convictions, historic allegations and abuse of process matters.

They are fully conversant with the aspects of expert evidence which are frequently a feature of such cases, e.g. DNA analysis, interpretation of medical findings, psychological or psychiatric factors, with the obtaining ofthe scientific evidence from experts on such topics and the questioning of such experts in court.

A substantial number are Grade 4 prosecutors and on the specialist rape list. All practitioners within chambers are committed to both prosecuting and defending such cases considering it essential to maintain the widest knowledge and experience and highest standards of ability in either sphere.

A number of members are authorised as recorders to try serious sexual offences.

There is regular consultation among the group to ensure constant up-dating on the law and case authorities in this sensitive and ever-developing field.


Barristers from Nine Bedford Row have defended in many of the most significant and high profile terrorism cases to be tried in this country. These cases have included conspiracy to murder, bombing campaigns, conpiracy to produce poison, recruiting teams of suicide bombers, and the financial funding of proscribed terror groups.

The cases have involved both substantive charges under the Terrorism Acts as well as common law conspiracies to murder. When preparing such cases for trial, counsel deploy a ‘team approach’ and work closely with solicitors, defence experts, such as explosives and ballistics experts and ensure regular client and team conferences.

Examples of cases include:

R. v. Safi & others - the Afghan Hi-Jacking case. The armed hi-jack of a commercial aeroplane/longest ever such hostage siege- all 3 chambers clients acquitted on appeal
R.v. Bourghass & Feddag - We acted for Sidali Feddag in the ‘Ricin Poison trial’. Client acquitted for allegations of conspiracy to murder as part of Algerian terror cell
R. v. Hulme & others - Client accused of involvement in a Real IRA bombing campaign, involving attacks on the BBC, London, in Ealing and in Birmingham
R.v. Aabid Khan – Client originally accused of conspiracy to murder in relation to a 15 plus Al Qaida plot in Canada. Defendant prosecuted for allegedly recruiting suicide bombers for training in Pakistan terror training camps, and of possessing the largest ever quantity of terrorism material ,found by the anti-terror police, in an electronic format
R. v. Goldan Lambert - Defending an accused charged in the first prosecution under section 12 Terrorism Act, for alleged involvement with the LTTE or ‘Tamil Tigers’. Client acquitted after a successful interlocutory appeal on the timing of an AG’s consent to prosecute
R. v. Osman Khatib - Defended the alleged lieutenant to the principal organiser of the Heathrow airline plot, where it was alleged there was a conspiracy to destroy commercial airplanes as they travelled over the Atlantic ocean;
R. v. K & others – Defended an alleged Al Qaida operative accused of conspiracy to murder
R. v. M – Defended an alleged Al Qaida suspect prosecuted under the Terrorism Act 2000

    Military Law

Chambers prides itself on providing high quality representation and advice on all aspects of the military justice system. Members of the International and Military teams defend and prosecute within the United Kingdom and abroad before courts martial and appear in the Courts Martial Appeal Court. They also represent service personnel before UK civilian courts.

Team members have experience of high profile cases of exceptional gravity, some examples being: the defence of a soldier accused of murdering an Iraqi civilian; the defence of a soldier accused of manslaughter after a tragic accident involving a tethered balloon; a baby shaking manslaughter; accusations of excessive use of force during peace keeping duties in Northern Ireland and the prosecution of the first allegation of rape of a servicewoman at sea by a senior officer.

Members of Chambers appear in all United Kingdom and overseas military court centres including Germany, Cyprus and Northern Ireland and the Courts Martial Appeal Court. We can also help with judicial review proceedings in the High Court.

Many members of the Military team have service experience. This, together with Chambers experience of war crimes work in the International Criminal Court and United Nations International Criminal Tribunals enables Chambers to offer a team of unparalleled strength in military law.

    Regulatory and Compliance

As the number of regulatory bodies in the UK continues to increase there is an ever greater demand to ensure that individuals who are the subject of intervention by these bodies receive sound and expert legal advice and that those bodies who bring such action do so in a lawful and proportionate manner.

We provide practical advice based on our expertise to both regulatory bodies and to individuals. We recognise the need to provide clear and simple advice against a background of what is often a complex web of regulatory rules and legislation.

Individuals who are the subject of an investigation by a professional body or regulator can face many different outcomes and sanctions. Our experience and expertise in this area ensures that our client receives the best possible advice and representation from the very early stages through to its conclusion.

We are able to offer advice and representation to individuals and organisations in cases involving the following bodies and authorities, namely:

• Financial Services Authority
• Health and Safety Executive
• Professional disciplinary
• Police disciplinary
• First Tier Tribunal Tax Chamber
• Directors’ disqualification proceedings brought under the Company Directors
Disqualification Act
• Gaming and Licensing
• Medecines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency
• Sports


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