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13 June 201713 June 2017: Joe Holmes, led by Wayne Jordash QC, is assigned to the Defence of Mr. Stanišić. Stanišić was head of Serbian State Security during the Balkans conflict and is alleged to have been within Slobodan Milošević’s inner circle.
23 May 201723 May 2017: The Chambers team raised £1,718.75 in last night’s 2017 London Legal Walk
17 February 201717 February 2017: Richard Reynolds' appeal successful in R v Chamberlin [2017] EWCA Crim 39: 12 month top starting point in elected low-value shoplifting & it does not follow that recidivists' sentences must get longer each time.
13 January 2017Prosecutor v Augustine Gbao
5 January 2017Chambers Complaints Procedure
4 January 2017The Bangladesh International Crimes Tribunal 2011-2014
6 December 2016Meeting Client Needs - External Complaints Procedure
29 November 201629 November 2016: Joe Holmes is lead consultant on Somaliland Case Management and Administration
31 October 201631 October 2016: General Mladic - Prosecution and Defence Final Trial Briefs were filed, simultaneously, on 25 October 2016 before the ICTY
28 October 201628 October 2016: Sarah Bafadhel and Joe Holmes to deliver ADC-ICTY training
10 October 2016Meditation for Barristers and Solicitors Chambers of 9 Bedford Row October/November 2016
29 September 2016R v Ogles [2016] EWCA Crim 1104
13 July 20165.30 pm, 18 July: Talk by Muharrem Erbey, a prominent human rights lawyer in Turkey, Vice-President of the Human Rights Association (IHD), advocate and writer
3 May 20163 May 2016: UNMICT releases Alphonse Nteziryayo
23 February 201623 February 2016: Justin Rouse QC and Sean Sullivan Secure Murder Acquittal
7 December 20157 December: John King and Anne Faul appeared in the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights on 25 November 2015 before a panel of 22 judges. The applications concerned the attempted 21/7 London Underground bombings
22 July 201522 July 2015: Justin Hugheston-Roberts successfully defends in a Gang Rape.
22 July 201522 July: Crash for Cash/Collision by Collusion
3 June 20153 June 2015: Samantha Cohen and Richard Paton-Philip have secured the acquittal of a Company Director on trial for conspiracy to defraud.
20 April 201520 April 2015: Asylum for 9 Bedford Row Client
14 April 2015Joe Holmes represents Colonel Alphonse Nteziryayo, former prefet of Butare in his appeal against conviction for direct and public incitement to genocide.
14 November 201414 November 2014 - 9 Bedford Row opens a suite of international consulting rooms at 5A Denneweg in The Hague, The Netherlands.
21 October 2014Winter Young Bar Dinner, 7 November 2014
10 October 2014The European Court of Human Rights: Master of the Law but not of the Facts?
18 June 201418 June 2014:
5 June 201412 June 2014 - Sexual Offences Seminar
5 June 2014 
2 June 2014R v Akhtar Hussain
13 May 2014LYLG
1 April 2014Human Rights at Sea - International Initiave Launch, 3 April, HMS President
28 March 2014Chambers Response to CBA Announcement
24 March 2014Tony Cadman represents USA in groundbreaking extradition case
27 February 20143 April 2014: 9 Bedford Row Internation Conference - Human Rights in Post-Revolution States and Human Rights at Sea
13 January 2014A Life in the Criminal Law, Monday 27 January 2014
16 December 2013UN Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals
9 December 2013Fraud Lawyers Dinner 7 February 2014
9 December 2013NMC Secondments
2 December 2013ICTY Association of Defence Counsel
2 December 20132 December 2013: Young Barrister’s Committee & Remuneration Committee seminar on ‘Taxation: the new cash basis explained’
25 November 2013Cinders Boom or Bust
20 November 2013Agreement for the Supply of Legal Services by a Barrister in a Commercial Case
18 November 20133 Six Pupillage November 2013
18 November 2013Advocacy Training Day for Barristers Working with Vulnerable Witnesses
18 November 2013Inner Temple Christmas Tea
8 November 2013AMCA Practice Note
8 November 2013Putting Strasbourg In Its Place - 12 November 2013
4 November 2013Ethics in International Arbitration, Wednesday 27 November 2013
4 October 2013April 013 - Public Access - Guidance for Law Clients
17 September 20138 October: 'Steven Kay QC and David Hammond: The "100 Series Rules - An international model set of maritime Rules for the Use of Force" including the "Model Guiding Principles and Best Practice for Human Rights Considerations in the Maritime Industry".

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