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Chambers’ aim is to ensure that pupillage is administered in a way that as far as possible takes into account and implements the Bar Council's document "Pupillage: Guidelines for Chambers and Pupillage Training Organisations".

 These procedures relate particularly to first and second six pupils although those applying for pupillage beyond the standard mandatory period are now also the responsibility of the Pupillage Committee. It is the aim of the Pupillage Committee to ensure that each pupil has a proper pupil supervisor, receives appropriate training and has equality of opportunity in the distribution of work and when applying to chambers for tenancy.  All applicants must come to Chambers through the route described below, unless an applicant has been deemed to be exempt for the Pupillage Gateway procedures by virtue of having qualified via the qualified legal practitioner route rather than the Bar Vocational route and is therefore not subject to the Pupillage Funding and Advertising Requirements.

As and when a need is identified for covering the expanding workload of Chambers, Chambers may advertise for 3rd six pupils who specialise in the practice areas of Chambers.

Chambers is a member of Pupillage Gateway and recruits first and second six months pupils exclusively through the scheme. Chambers recruits in the summer season, to commence in October of the following year.

 It is Chambers policy not to entertain applications other than through Pupillage Gateway save in the most exceptional circumstances. However, once the allocated places are confirmed, via the Pupillage Gateway, Chambers cannot accept further applications. We presently plan to advertise for two funded First Six Pupillages, to commence October 2015. Applications for Third Six Pupillage should be sent to

Chambers aims to recruit people who combine intellectual rigour with an ability to handle clients with maturity and sensitivity. We are a criminal set of chambers with professional and lay clients who come from a range of backgrounds. From the outset pupils will come into contact with clients daily. Once into their second six months pupils will be representing clients directly and often alone. Many lay clients present with acute and demanding personal problems, be they criminal allegations, threaten loss of contact with progeny or fear of deportation to a hostile state of origin. A pupil may be thrown into the situation of being the one person upon whom the client can rely and must be equipped to earn that trust and advance the client’s case as best the law allows.

Chambers aims to recruit applicants who will advance their own and chambers’ interests positively and be conscious of the ever changing demands on the Bar and the public perception of the profession.

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