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Ignatius Hughes QC

Called 1986
Silk 2009




Ignatius Hughes is a specialist in all aspects of Criminal Law, with extensive experience of the most serious cases.


Western Circuit
South Eastern Circuit

Notable cases

R v McArthur: Rape of partner by defendant on life licence for rape.
R v Bailey: Murder by joint enterprise during burglary. Eighteen year old defendant.
R v Ling: Surrey landscape-gardener who murdered his mistress after discovering her ‘infidelity’. Provocation defence.
R v Riley: Murder and disposal of body of landlady.
Re R: ‘Shaken baby syndrome’ death.
R v Martin: Shaken baby syndrome.
R v K: Shaken baby syndrome.
R v Hahn: Murder during armed robbery. Causation/ intent issues.
R v White: Attempted murder, car as weapon, severing victim’s legs.
R v Lengfield: Murder.
R v Roberts: Murder/ diminished responsibility manslaughter.
R v Starr and others: Murder by group of young men with a single firearm.
R v Hartrey: Murder by group attack.
R v Payne: Murder.
R v Brand: Murder of homeless man.
R v Burston: Attempted murder of young nephew.
R Bedford: Attempted murder with a Samurai-sword in Cheltenham.
R v Smith-Keary: Multi-million pound Intervention Board EU subsidy fraud.
R v Summers: Multi-million pound ‘Ponzi’ investment fraud.
R v Sinmanz: (so-called ‘Son of the Devil’ case): Multiple rapes.
R v Lee: Large scale drugs and money laundering.
R v Ford: Murder of wife/ diminished responsibility.
R v Chappell: Rape/ sleep disorder automatism.


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