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Gregor Guy-Smith is a is a recognized international criminal lawyer with a global reputation undertaking international legal cases providing advice, consultancy and training services to governments, international organisations, and private clients. Gregor has represented military leaders, and private clients charged with genocide, murder, terrorism and crimes against humanity, in domestic and international courts. He has represented clients in complex litigation including extradition, securities and death penalty cases. He was former President of the Association of Defence Counsel for the ICTY. Known for his incisive strategic  thinking he is often enlisted to assist legal counsel and teams in their work. He has lectured on international law at universities in the United States and Europe and has provided training to lawyers in the United States, the International Court for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and the International Criminal Court (ICC), Lebanon (STL) and in the Balkans.

Founding member of the International Criminal Law Bureau (ICLB)

Notable International Cases

Prosecutor v Momicilo Perisic (ICTY); Defence counsel -Acquitted all counts on appeal. 27 year sentence overturned and vacated (2012)
Prosecutor v Ramush Haradinaj et al (ICTY); Lead Defence counsel –Acquittal of all 37 counts (2008), Second Acquittal after first retrial in the history of the ICTY on all counts(2012)
Prosecutor v Limaj et al (ICTY); Lead Defence counsel - Acquitted of 7 of 10 counts  (2007)
U.S.A. v Ngoc-Han Nyguyen  (United States Federal District Court)First case charging Terrorism in the Northern District of California; Lead Defence counsel Acquitted of terrorism charges


Presidential Commendation for outstanding service, in the practice of international law, to the goals and objectives of liberty:  awarded by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL), USA, conferred July 2013, San Francisco.


The International Crimes Act of 1973 and Related Issues (Bangladesh) 2011
Manual on International Criminal Defence: ADC-ICTY Developed Practices, published by OSCE, ODIHR, UNICRI as part of the War Crimes Justice Project and funded by the European Union (UNICRI, ADC-ICTY, OSCE, ODIHR 2011, Turin, Italy). Author of three chapters:  “Burden of Proof and Presumption of Innocence, “Sentencing”, and “Post Conviction.”   This Manual is a practice oriented resource reflecting lessons learned and developed practices, written by defence counsel at the ICTY. It has been translated into Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian and Albanian.  Project currently underway for translation into French

Speeches /Seminars/ Lectures International Criminal Law include

ODIHR/OSCE - War Crimes Justice Project Phase II – Lawyers Training In Prizren and Prisitna Kosovo October 2013
University of Fribourg Defending Accused Persons in War Crimes Trials  ( ICTY, September 2013)
ODIHR/OSCE  War Crimes Justice Project Phase II  Podogorica , Montenegro Peer to Peer Conference April 2013
ODIHR/OSCE  War Crimes Justice Project Phase II – Lawyers Training In Peja and Prisitna Kosovo (March 2013)
Youth Initiative for Human Rights   ICTY February 2013
Irish Center for Human Rights and Brunell University  ( ICTY, February 2013)
Exeter University (ICTY, February 2013)
Chatham House, Revolution in the Air Conference, Panel Member on The Right to Rebel (November 2012)
Asser Institute, Inside International Justice (November 2012)
University of St Louis (July 2012)
University of Santa Clara Musings on the Defence Function in International Criminal Law ( ICTY,  June 2012)
Conceptual Development of International Criminal Law in the Context of the Establishment of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon  lecture to Deans and Professors of Lebanese Law Schools STL (May 2012)
OSCE MISSION TO SERBIA for University of Belgrade Law Students    Equality of Arms and Cross Examination practices at the ICTY (March 2012)
VISIT OF EDITORS FROM SERBIAORGANISED BY THE OSCE MISSION TO SERBIA ( July 2011Editors in Chief and BIRN Journalists Lecture on the adversarial system and its application to International Criminal Law at the ICTY  )
Saint Louis University Center for International and Comparative Law ( July 2011)
University of Santa Clara The Evolution of the Defence in International Criminal Law (ICTY, Summer 2011)
Extraordinary Chamber Court of Cambodia.  Safeguarding Equality of Arms and
- Respect of other fair trial principles for the Accused  ( May 2011)
Lebanese lawyers Association April 2011
HAGUE FORUM ON JUDICIAL EXPERTISE- (Rwandan Judiciary) Meeting International Fair Trial Standards: the Rights of the Accused ( Fall 2011)
OSCE- WAR CRIMES JUSTICE PROJECT – Presentation of ADC-ICTY Defence Manual ( Sarajevo- Fall 2011)
Hague Lecture for the EXTRAORDINARY CHAMBER COURT OF CAMBODIA  Safeguarding Equality of Arms and- Respect of Other Fair Trial Principles for the Accused  ( May 2011)
Special Tribunal for Lebanon- Office of the Defence
International Criminal Court, The Hague
International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, The Hague
International Judicial Academy, Sir Richard May Seminar, The Hague
OSCE Training for lawyers Palic Serbia (2009)
Chicago –Kent College of Law and Institute of Technology
Marie Curie Research Course Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies
University of Leiden, Netherlands
University of Utrecht, Netherlands
University of Santa Clara
Netherlands Institute of Human Rights
San Francisco State University


ADC representative to the Advisory Panel to MICT   2013
Consultant to the Special Tribunal for Lebanon STL (2012 to present)
Member of Advisory Panel to the President and Registrar of the ICTY (2012 to present)
Disciplinary Panel for the ICTY (2012 to present)
Chair of the ADC_ICTY AD-HOC Post Tribunal Matters Committee Chairperson AD-HOC Post Tribunal Matters Committee of the Association of Defence Counsel at the ICTY (ADC-ICTY) (October 2010)
Disciplinary Council of the Association of Defence Counsel at the ICTY (ADC-ICTY 2010-2011)
Executive Committee, Association of Defence Counsel at the ICTY (ADC-ICTY; 2010)
President, Association of Defence Counsel at the ICTY (ADC-ICTY; 2005 to 2006)
Chairperson, Disciplinary Council of the Association of Defence Counsel at the ICTY (ADC-ICTY; 2004 to 2005)
Chairperson, Constitutional Review Committee, Association of Defence Counsel at the ICTY (ADC-ICTY; 2007 to present)
Association of Defence Counsel representative to the ICTY Rules Committee on Rules of Procedure and Evidence (2007 to present)
Member, International Law Committee (NACDL)


Association of Defence Counsel at the International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia
Defence Counsel (ICC list counsel)
Defence Counsel  (STL-list counsel)
National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (U.S.A.)


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Spanish (conversational)


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