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Direct Access 

Direct Access

9 Bedford Row offers a team of specially trained barristers qualified to work directly with members of the public and companies under “direct access” rules. This means clients can come directly to a barrister without first needing to engage the services of a solicitor.

The benefits of using a Direct Access Barrister

Without the need for a solicitor you only pay one legal advisor rather than two. This can lead to substantial savings in your legal costs.

Barristers are experts in their specialist area of law.

Access to a barrister is secured early in a case. Important decisions which can have a crucial impact on the outcome of a case are made with comprehensive and expert support from your barrister.

The work of a Direct Access Barrister

Direct Access Barristers do the same work as any other barristers, however in addition they can perform many of the functions carried out by solicitors. Therefore a Direct Access Barrister can offer the following legal services:

  • Advice and Representation before all Courts, Tribunals and Professional Disciplinary Bodies.
  • Advisory work
  • Drafting of legal documents and letters etc
  • Sending and receiving certain legal correspondence
  • Negotiations with other parties in a case

Instructing a Direct Access Barrister at 9 Bedford Row

Please contact Paul Outen, our Senior Clerk, on 0207 489 2727 or email Paul will be able to discuss the facts of your case with you and explain what fees may be charged and when. We always aim to give a clear estimate of how much our work will cost.

Barristers instructed direct by a client remain bound by their Code of Conduct to consider whether it is in the client’s best interests, or the interests of justice, to engage a solicitor. If such a situation arises we can use our extensive experience to recommend a suitable solicitor.

Please note that legal aid is not available for those instructing barristers directly.

For general information about the scheme please view this document from the Bar Standards Board.


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